Friday, February 28, 2014

Valentine's Day Mani's!!

Hello lovelies! So I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day at all but I did wear a couple of V-day mani's. First I whipped out Orly Torrid which is a gorgeous metallic red. Then I wanted something simple for the accent nail so I just put on one coat of Orly Pink Flakie topcoat which I love and I should have bought another back up bottle when I found them on sale at Sally's!! The formula on Torrid was a little thin but nothing three coats can't fix. I love metallic reds!! Here is Orly Torrid with Orly Pink Flakie Topcoat on the accent nail:

On the actual Valentine's Day, I wanted to wear two of my favorite polishes that I haven't worn in a long time! I whipped out OPI Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj collection and OPI The Thrill of Brazil that were both released a couple of years ago. Both polishes have great formulas and great coverage, not to mention they are so gorgeous!! I need to wear these more often especially on my toes in the summer!! Pink Friday is the perfect Barbie Pink and Thrill of Brazil is a beautiful cherry red creme! Here is OPI Pink Friday and OPI The Thrill of Brazil:

Then the next day I added a coat of ORLY Pink Flakie Topcoat because I love it so much! Dries to a matte finish and I love the blue and pink flakies!!

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's day! Thanks for reading!!

Sephora X Fahrenheit and Sephora X Chaotic NOTD and review!!

Hey everyone! I know I haven't posted in a while, Feb was a pretty crazy month! But I want to try and catch up and post about some mani's I had in February. First let's start with Sephora X Fahrenheit. I wore this in the beginning of February. Fahrenheit is part of the New Classics collection and is described as a cool tone red. The formula on this is great and easy to apply. Sephora really hit the mark on these polishes!! This is two coats of Sephora X Fahrenheit:

I'm not a huge fan of red cremes but this one is awesome especially because of the formula. I decided to topz off Fahrenheit with one coat of Sephora X Chaotic:

Chaotic is one of my favorite toppers ever!! Goes on easily, tons of glitter per brushstroke, and it just looks dope over any color!! I love it! I have many toppers like this but this one is the easiest to apply. Love it! Thanks for reading!! And if you're not following me on instagram, please check me out @Nailsneverfails  Thanks again!!   

Friday, January 31, 2014

Zoya Payton and Zoya Dream NOTD and review!

Hello Lovies! Today I'm reviewing two polishes from the Zoya Zenith collection from holiday 2013. I wore these a couple of weeks ago and received so many compliments! First we have Payton. This is a gorgeous eggplant purple with micro holo flakes. The pics don't do this color any justice! The formula is great and pretty easy to work with as well. This is two coats.

Zoya Payton close up

Next I wore Zoya Dream which is a blue version of Payton. This is just ridiculous! This polish is so freakin pretty! This is two coats:

Now in the pictures, it may not look like holo micro flakes but in!! You can clearly see a rainbow of colors that shift in the light. Dream also has an easy to work with formula, and neither color stained my nails when I removed them. I have a couple more polishes from this amazing collection so I will post soon. Both lasted about 4 days until I saw any chips in the polish which is good considering that I wash my hands alot during the day. Thanks so much for reading and checking out my blog!! Feel free to follow my nails and life on instagram @Nailsneverfails

Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Year NOTD Deborah Lippmann Stronger

Hey everyone! I know I'm a little late but Happy new year! To bring in the new year I wanted to wear a super sparkly festive glitter! I chose Deborah Lippmann Stronger. This awesome glitter is named after Kelly Clarkson's song of the same name. Stronger is a gorgeous blue jelly base packed with red, silver, gold and blue multi shaped glitter. With glitter polishes like these, they are best applied by dabbing the brush onto the nail as opposed to single strokes. You get more glitter on the nail that way. Here are two coats of Stronger:

I love it!! As you can see, chock full of glitter!! Deborah Lippmann has some of the best glitter polishes. Just be prepared to use the foil method or soak in acetone. These babies are tough to remove but well worth it. The wear time on these vary, I had glitter chipping off the very next day, but other glitters I've picked up from DL last from 2-4 days before chipping. I find that a good thick coat of top coat like Seche Vite makes a big difference on the wear time. Anyway, Stronger is sold at Sephora. I believe it's exclusive to Sephora. Thanks for reading and checking out my blog. Check out my instagram @nailsneverfails

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Top Ten Nail Polish Collections of 2013!!

Hey everyone! So since today is the last day of 2013, I decided to write a post about my top 10 favorite nail polish collections of this year. Now there were tons of awesome nail polish collections this year but these are just my personal favorites. So in no particular order, here we go:

So this year was the year of textured nail polish! Every nail polish company came out with textured polishes and as some of you know, I loooooove textured polishes! I love they way they look and feel!
1) Zoya Pixie collection- These polishes range in bright vibrant colors and gorgeous sparkle! And the formula on these are amazing too! Here are some of the gorgeous colors!

 2) Julie G Frosted Gum drops collections- These textured beauties are not only beautiful but they are very affordable as well. Great and easy formula too! These are sold at Rite Aid for about $4 each. The first collection came out for Spring 2013 and the second came out for the holidays. I have them all except for 1. Here are a few:

3) OPI Bond Girls collection - These are just amazing! The beautiful colors, the formula, and the great names! This collection was released for the Spring of this year. My favorite is still Pussy Galore!

Those are my favorite textured polish collections of this year! There were other ones that I loved but these were my fave!
4) Color Club Halo Hues 2013- On to other collections, there were many holo polish collections that were released this year but one that I thought were particularly stunning were the Color Club Halo Hues collection. Now I purchased their first Halo Hues collection but I still don't own the 2013 collection, but my friends have them and I've seen them on blogs and they are just stunning and full of holo!
5) Sephora Formula X collection- Sephora released their official Formula X collection this year and it was a huge hit! This collection has it all, great formulas, great colors, great effects, textures and toppers! I have the privilege to work for the company and I get to play with these and try them all out! This collection has something for everyone! There are soooo many polishes in this collection, here are just a few:

 6)China Glaze Glitz n Pieces collection- This was a great glitter collection that was released earlier this year. China Glaze is one of my favorite companies when it comes to glitter polishes just because they are usually the first ones to start a certain trend. This collection is so cool! I love the colors and effects it leaves on my nails!

7) Zoya Summer Irresistible collection- This summer there were lots of great nail polish collections but my very favorite was the Zoya Irresistible collection! These were shimmery and foil beauties that were perfect for the summer and I love them! Here are a couple of pics from that collection:

8) China Glaze Avant Garden Collection- This was released for Spring of this year and it was full of pretty pastels and brights! These are so beautiful to me and the formula on most of these were perfection! Another great collection from China Glaze!

9) Impress Press on Nails - Press on nails have been around since I can remember but this year I feel that press on nails were really popular thanks to companies making them so cool and easy to apply, easy to remove and just plain awesome looking! I really loved the Halloween collection, they were awesome and I received tons of compliments on these bad boys!

10) Orly Mash Up collection- This summer Orly came out with a collection that had something for everyone. Soft shimmers, glitter, neon, pastels all together in one collection. I really like the formula on these as well. I haven't photographed all of these on me but I plan on it and I really like them!

So there you have it! These are my personal favorite collections from this year. These are just my opinion. What were some of your favorite nail polish collections of this year? Thanks for reading and have a happy new year!